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Venue Rental

Facility Rental Use: Meetings, banquets, birthday parties, showers, reunions, training, instructional classes, wellness classes, seminars and small events.

Rental Fees:

Community Room (includes Kitchen)

  • $35 an hour, Monday – Thursday
  • $55 an hour, Friday – Sunday (minimum 4 hours)
    There is a refundable $200 security deposit due at the time of final payment.

Meeting Room (does not include kitchen)

  • $25 an hour, Monday-Thursday
  • $45 an hour, Friday-Saturday (minimum 4 hours)

**Alcohol is not permitted in the facility.


  • Kitchen with Warming Oven
  • Separate Restrooms (3 stalls each)
  • 64 rectangle tables
  • 96 event chairs

*No nails or heavy duty tape when decorating. Command strips are a great alternative.